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4/23/2017 6:23:51 PM
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Paul Richardson
6/30/2016 12:18:51 PM
Jim and all.

Being a new comer to this long distance nonsense, I have to question "what's the point"?

The 54mile Caledonian Challenge was the furthest I had achieved prior to this. Apprehension and the fear of failure for both mental and physical reasons were high on the agenda. However, from your advice prior to the event and the superb support and motivation from all the marshals and volunteers (& not forgetting Pete my walking buddy) during the event, I found myself believing it may be possible even for a walker like myself! The only question then was, by how much would I be inside the 35hrs? The answer, by 12 minutes! (A win is a win!)

Joy, elation, a can of cold beer, pain... many things followed in the minutes, hours and days afterwards, including a meet up with others to reminisce, eat good food and try out a new Gin bar!

As with other events I have taken part in - Never Again! After all "what's the point"?
Well, I proved I was fit enough, mentally strong enough, met great people and felt good afterwards (pain aside).

Learnt lessons:
- I carried too much weight, food etc..
- It would have been easier at another stone lighter (body weight that is!)
- Training was adequate
- I need to sort out my blinking footwear so as not to turn my feet into a pulp on those stones!!

Improve on the lessons learnt above and what time would be possible next time?............after all "what's the point"?

All the best - Paul
Dave Thompson
6/29/2016 1:14:18 PM
Hi Jim,just a short note to say many thanks for running a fantastic event.
Your enthusiasm I am sure contributed to the large percentage of finishers.Yes the weather was
also a factor but your attention to detail and encouragement plus the masses of food and drink
was a major factor in getting people to the finish line.I am not forgetting all the other volunteers
but I am sure they took their attitude direct from yourself.
I bet you are really chuffed from small beginnings your race has now flourished and I agree 100%
with your decision to keep it to 100 entries therefore keeping it low key and bloody good fun.
I can see the “other race”will have a reduction in entries next year.
The one thing that will live long in the memory is us runners sat in the midge tent and you running
backwards and forwards with the food and drink now that action should surely be mentioned in dispatches
as duty above and beyond.
If you move some of the rocks from the trail I may be back.
Glad you brought the race forward to avoid the midge season!!!!

Annette Clarke
6/29/2016 9:33:25 AM
A big thank- you to Jim and all the volunteers, who made this a great race. Nothing was too much trouble and checkpoints were stocked with everything a competitor would need, not only food and drink, but suntan lotion, insect repellant, Vaseline! From start to finish the friendliness and encouragement from the volunteers and fellow competitors was in abundance. This is a first class, well organised, relaxed, friendly and good old fashioned ultra with the added bonus of fantastic scenery. A must on anyone's race calendar.
Hope to be back, Annette Clarke
Peter McCullagh
6/29/2016 8:03:58 AM
Just a note to thank you and your army of helpers for all the support & encouragement on the WHW Challenge Race 2016. Everyone connected with the race couldn’t have been of more help.
If anyone were to be seeking a tough examination of both their physical & mental staying power then I would have no hesitation in recommending the WHW Challenge Race - well organised & geared for the competitor. This was certainly the hardest challenge I have ever undertaken & while glad that I took part & completed with no ill effects, I am still in the ‘never again’ camp!
I hope the numbers grow & the event becomes firmly established on the calendar.
Thanks again to everyone & I hope you managed to get rid of all the bananas !!!
Peter McCullagh
6/23/2016 5:17:25 AM
Dear Jim & Marion,
Truly heartfelt thanks from myself, Christine and Alan for taking me to hospital for the heat exhaustion & dehydration (another lesson learnt) and so pleased the Lord waited till after the awards before wheelin me in. Hospital arranged a nice B&B for Alan (my support driver) as well, couldn't have done enough for me
For myself one of the best events to have been a participant, the warmth, organisation,fun, good cheer throughout, met so many terrific folks, indeed the care and enjoyment of the volunteers also made for me the event entirely memorable, everyone shared to make my 'entire experience' special. THANK YOU
Was extra nice to meet and accompany John Vernon on part of the route, fascinating bloke, supportive and encouraging and look forward to catching up with John at some stage even next year :-)
Making a healthy recovery, blood blisters nearly recovered (another lesson) and back cycling running again for my next fundraiser event.
Your desire to bring new things and challenges into people's lives is a complete success, hope you carry on again next year
Best wishes
Alan & Christine, and Alan (support)
Stephen Edwards
6/22/2016 1:32:34 PM
Many thanks to Jim, Marion and all his friends and family for organising and marshalling such an enjoyable and well run event.
It is the longest race, in terms of distance, that I have completed so far and also a first in terms of the midnight start but the friendly atmosphere surrounding the event allayed any fears or anxieties about taking part.
The facilities used during the event are excellent, from registration at Milngavie (where you can make use of your sleeping bag to get a few hour’s rest before race start) to finishing at the shinty club in Fort William where there are showers and plenty of floor space to get some well-earned sleep before the presentations the next day.
The course itself is tough but really rewarding and varied, from running alongside Loch Lomond to crossing Rannoch Moor with the views of Glen Coe. I had several dips in energy during the race but the friendly people at the check points supplying food and drink soon helped me on my way to the finish.
Thanks once more and hopefully see you again next year.

Stephen Edwards
Aaron Montgomery
6/15/2016 6:05:27 PM
Hi Jim,

Again, I just want to say a big thank you for one of the best organised event I've competed in especially all the drama behind the scenes (my wife Tracey was telling me about the water and everything else). Also, from me & Tracey, please pass on our regards to all the volunteers for the excellent work, support and helpfulness they provided. If the midges would have pissed off I would of sat and chatted to them for a bit longer. I am in the process in raising the funds to return next year.

Thanks again and to everyone involved for a brilliant experience and day.

Aaron Montgomery.

Fiona Davies
6/14/2016 9:52:31 PM
A big thank-you to all organisers, marshals and other volunteers involved in putting on this race! It was an amazing experience - I shall never forget sunrise over Conic Hill, the glimpses of Loch Lomond as we wound our way along its banks, and the awesome mountains surrounding us on the second half of the race - or ascending the Devil's Staircase in the dark and my relief at reaching Kinlochleven! The route is spectacular, the support and encouragement at checkpoints/waterpoints was outstanding, and the event certainly lived up to its aim of being 'friendly, simple and hassle-free' for competitors! Many thanks!
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