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East Highland Way Race Reports & Feedback

NOTE: Short notice was given for holding the race, to restrict the numbers of entrants in the first race. As appreciated any new 85 mile race, over a new route, could presents unforseen difficulties. It was therefore decided to keep the entry numbers low in the first EHW Race, so as to identify any hitches that might occur, before holding future EHW Races with larger entrant numbers, or holding 'THE HIGHLAND WAY RACE' which would combines the EHW and WHW .
The race went very smoothly and all the entrants thoroughly enjoyed taking part over a new and beautiful route, which extends the 'Higland Way' to 180 miles, from Milngavie, to Aviemore. All competitors food and drinks were provided by the race, as well as moving 'drop bags' and 'finish bag' up the route. On completion excellent shower facilities were provided to all finishers in the 'Community Centre' in Aviemore. Then the competitors were driven back to their cars in Fort William.

The EHW race distance was found to be 84.8 miles with 2,188m (7,186ft) of ascent. (Last Light occurred at 23:00hr; First Light occurred at 04:00hr)
Heavy rain occurred for the first 5 hours, thereafter it was dry. Conditions underfoot after the first 5 hours were dry.

WHW Challenge Race Comparison: The EHW is a good addition to Scotland Great Paths which compliments the WHW.
1.  Underfoot the EHW is far better runable surface than the West Highland Way. 
2.  For the slower competitors only one night occurs in the EHW Race, or none if very fast. 
3.  The EHW also has less climb, at 2,188m, whereas the WHW has 4,500m of ascent.
4.  The EHW is also shorter by 10 miles.   

Start : Fort William - outside the old Tourist Information Centre [grid 010737] at 09:15 hr with nine starters. 
                                                                                                                       Section Distance  Total Distance
Check Point 1 - Spean Bridge:  car park, (grid 227815)                                                  12 miles            12 miles
Check Point 2 - Fersit:  car park, 200m South of Weather Station  (grid 349782)              12 miles            24 miles  
Check point 3 - Moy:  car park, (grid 433830)                                                                8 miles            32 miles
Check Point 4 - Fergour:  car park at A86 road crossing (grid 567904)                             13 miles           45 miles   
Check Point 5 - Glenballoch:  car park, 1.5 mile North/West of Newtonmore.                    12.5miles         57.5 miles
Check Point 6 - Ruthven Barracks: car park at Ruthven Barracks  (grid 765997)                10 miles           67.5 miles 
           Finish - Aviemore: car park 200m past Tourist Information Centre (grid 861123)   17.3 miles         84.8 miles  

The race times are given in G.M.T.
Place      Entrant Name         CP1             CP2            CP3           CP4           CP5          CP6         Finish      RACE TIME

   1.           Steve Bell          11:06hr       13:08hr      14:30hr     17:02hr      20:15hr     22:15hr    02:58hr     17hr43min
   2.        Stephen Todd       11:16          13:33         14:59        17:46         21:20        23:47       10:33        25hr18min      
   3.          Gary Grant          11:56          14:46         16:43        20:29        02:43        06:05        11:38       25hr43min     
   4.       Stephen Morely      11:53          14:46          17:07       20:35        02:43         06:15        14:23       28hr28min 
   5=       Peter Gordon        12:00          15:07          17:21       21:17        02:43         06:15        14:23       29hr08min
   5=      Louise Harrison      12:00          15:07          17:21       21:17        02:43         06:15        14:23       29hr08min
   5=      Scott Harrison        12:00          15:07          17:21       21:30        02:43         06:15        14:23       29hr08min
   5=      John Vernon          12:00          15:07          17:21       21:17        02:43         06:15         14:23      29hr08min
        Elaine Summerville      12:00   (retired at Spean Bridge)
Gary Grant and Stephen Morely were held for 40minutes for 'night grouping', at Balgowan between CP4 and CP 5 and a 40 minute adjustment deduction was made to their finish race time to cover the period they were held up.

Google: East Highland Way to access the EHW website which has the route, etc
Harvey Maps, also produce a waterproof map of the EHW route.
There is a very good book describing the EHW route in detail: 'The East Highland Way,' by Kevin Langan for £9.99
There is an excellent 'GPX file' available of the EHW route and Stephen Todd completed the race by only using this 'GPX file' in his Garmin and did not use a map. Stephen had no problems with navigation.